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E-Rickshaw FND 48 V

  • Reduced Electricity Bill.
  • SMPS Copper Coil Transformer.
  • Operating Volt Ac 140v- 270v.
  • 4 Battery Charge at a Time (12 Volt).
  • Ultra-modernself-monitoring Microprocessor controlled Fast Charging Control.
  • This charger gives 15 Amp output current to charge batteries.
  • 7 Segment Display show One by One Battery Volta & Amp.
  • Extremely Fast yet safe Battery Charging.
  • Operator Safety& Easy to operate.
  • Constant Current & Cool charging.
  • Fully automatic boost/float.
  • High Voltage Spike Protection, Over Charger Protection.
  • Battery rejuvenation (De-Sulphation) function more reliable and Unbeatable performance with one year.

Also available 48-volt 25Amp & 60 Volt 15/25 Amp Suitable for E Rickshaw.

E-Rickshaw LCD 48 V

E-Rickshaw FND 60 V

E-Rickshaw LCD 60 V