Extremely fast yet safe battery charger with SMPS Copper Coil Transformer, Fully Automatic CVCC Charger with Short Circuit Protection VRLA & ACID Mode which can charge any rechargeable battery within limited time In VRLA mode, used to charge batteries up to 14 AH, with an output current of up to 2 amps! Charger automatically switches off when battery is fully charged In ACIDE mode, Deep Discharge can charge the battery faster by increasing the gravity of the battery. When gravity is complete, the charger should be turned off after checking the battery. SILENT FEATURES: –  This charger gives up to 2-amp output current to charge batteries  Fully Automatic CVCC Charging, Protection against overcharging & revers polarity with A highly reliable and Portable SMPS Copper coil transformer. For VRLA, SMF, LEAD ACID and other batteries.  Mains, Charging & Reverse battery Protection With L.E.D indication.  Operating voltage AC 140 – 270 & charge 3 battery at a time (12 VOLT)  Easily charges all Types of batteries up to 14 Ah.  Operator Safety, Easy to operate, more reliable and secure.